Damir Ludvigからのメッセージ

It’s really cool what we can learn from the kids these days, but it’s important for them to get the directions from us and keep the course we set in the past. DJ schools are one more guarantee the future of electronic dance music is safe.
Damir Ludvig

Damir Ludvigプロフィール
Café del Mar released a handful of his songs and New York Independent Film & Video Festival honored “Astralis – Institution”, a film he produced with 3 awards: Best International Music Documentary award, Music Documentary award, and The Audience award.

Damir has gradually increased his international reputation by playing live and DJ-ing at parties in London (Brixton Academy), New York (Roxy), Tokyo (Lust), Tel Aviv (Dinamo Dvash), Taipei (Edge) and most notably, by playing to 700.000 strong crowds at Love Parade in Germany. Being a resident DJ at famous Astralis events in Zagreb, Ludvig has been able to test latest remixes directly on the dance floor or on a lounge terrace, taking care of his music becoming a form of functional art. The experience he got as a music journalist, working for Chinese PLUR magazine, local radio stations and Croatian National Television, certainly helped him pushing his career. These days Ludvig is a mixing instructor at Zagreb DJ Academy, learning new kids how to rock parties around the world. Working together with his studio colleague Stelar, Damir has released 4 club and lounge music albums and never stopped getting good reviews such as: “Croatia’s finest electronic export” (Future Music) and “No false emotion, melodrama or cheese” (Wax). Appearing on ‘Café del Mar vol. 11’ and the ‘25th Anniversary of Café del Mar’ and Café del Mar’ –Dreams 4’ and ‘Café del Mar vol. 16’ Ludvig & Stelar have proved their skills in melancholic atmospheres and elegant drum loops.